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The famous Cyclist, Bradley Wiggins, recently launched his new team. With that came a new website hosted with a URL very close to mine. I have seen a spike in traffic with many likely confusing my domain, “”, with his, “”.

If you happen to be in the wrong place just click here to redirect.

Happy Birthday TypeFight!

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“Pay What You Want” Fonts

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Lost Type is a nice source of pretty high quality fonts that allow you to choose your price. Enjoy!

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Great Design Observer Article

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A student, Andrea Martinets, recently passed this article on in a blog post. It has some great advice for designers of all levels. Seven Things Designers Can Learn from Stand Up Comics by Michael Bierut.

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Kelli Anderson Paper Record Invite

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If you haven’t seen Kelli Anderson’s amazing design work you must run to her blog right now.

More on her paper invite here.

Beautiful Letterpress Short

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Thanks Nil for the tweet.

Final Project: Business Stationary & Magazine (P7)

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Final Deliverables

Due Date: Final Meeting Time

Business Stationary:

  • Printed Business Card: this should be printed on desired paper both front and back. Use strong typographic heirarchy, remember your resume.
  • Printed Letterhead: this should have a signed cover letter in addition to branding elements
  • Mockup: this must include both sides of the business card, letterhead with letter, envelope, and resume

Magazine Project: (this project is intended to prepare you for entering design competitions)

  • 24″ x 18″ printed poster: must include the magazine cover. Also include a title with short description. Please use the following examples as a guide: Example 1, Example 2

Schedule & Process

Wednesday, Nov 30:

  • 10 pieces of Inspiration
  • 25 sketches of magazine cover, magazine project and stationary package
  • magazine cover concept (printed before class)
  • layout of magazine project (on screen)

Friday, December 2:

  • Prints of business card and letterhead for critique (on final selected paper)
  • edits to magazine cover (printed before class)
  • edits to layout of magazine project (on screen)

Day of Final:

  • All deliverables


Jessica Hische Typography Demo

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Check out this great little demo by Jessica Hische on the line weight tool in CS5. We will be visiting Jessica’s studio on our trip to New York.

Free Fonts by Fabric

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A few new free fonts by Font Fabric.

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Behind the Scenes on a Logotype

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This is a nice peak into the process of designing a script logotype.

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