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Final Project: Business Stationary & Magazine (P7)

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Final Deliverables

Due Date: Final Meeting Time

Business Stationary:

  • Printed Business Card: this should be printed on desired paper both front and back. Use strong typographic heirarchy, remember your resume.
  • Printed Letterhead: this should have a signed cover letter in addition to branding elements
  • Mockup: this must include both sides of the business card, letterhead with letter, envelope, and resume

Magazine Project: (this project is intended to prepare you for entering design competitions)

  • 24″ x 18″ printed poster: must include the magazine cover. Also include a title with short description. Please use the following examples as a guide: Example 1, Example 2

Schedule & Process

Wednesday, Nov 30:

  • 10 pieces of Inspiration
  • 25 sketches of magazine cover, magazine project and stationary package
  • magazine cover concept (printed before class)
  • layout of magazine project (on screen)

Friday, December 2:

  • Prints of business card and letterhead for critique (on final selected paper)
  • edits to magazine cover (printed before class)
  • edits to layout of magazine project (on screen)

Day of Final:

  • All deliverables


Restaurant Website Project (portfolio piece 1)

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You are asked to design a website for a restaurant. The name, style of food, price level, and location are up to you.


  • Research as many restaurant websites as you can
  • Produce two user scenarios (this will be described in more detail but each will be at least one paragraph and must include name, age, home town and photograph of user: example persona, example user scenario, student example)
  • Produce Site Map
  • Inspiration: post at least 10 site links with screenshots to the discussion blog
  • Produce Wire Frames of at least 2 paths through the website from top level to bottom (good idea to base wireframes off of user scenarios)
  • 6 versions of menu fragment (subhead and item name, description , price, etc.)
  • 2 Rough comps of homepages (2 different directions)
  • 3 Final Comps of homepage, menu page and one other page of your choice


  • Must choose a logical desktop width
  • You must use a grid but you can choose the column number. You can use this website to generate a grid for your chose size
  • 30 sketches
  • Comps must be produced in photoshop within a browser window that is at least 300 pixels wider than the width of your grid
  • Final comps can be high quality jpgs
  • You must include alternate versions of each final comp showing grid structure overlay


  • This project will be graded in the typical manner (see syllabus) but the 6 fragments mentioned above will be graded as part of the final design rather than part of the process materials. Please take a screenshot of all 6 and put in the drop box with your final comps (1 screenshot of all, not 6 screenshots of each).


Design Agencies

Restaurant Website

Web Portfolio Brief

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All Graphic Design courses require a published web portfolio beginning in Typography 1. Each course will require a specific number of projects to be featured within your portfolio from that course. Currently we are requiring your portfolio to be published on

Typography 1:

At least 2 projects must be featured from this course prior to finals week.

Typography 2:

At least 4 projects must be featured from this course prior to finals week.

Identity & Brand Design:

At least 4 projects must be featured from this course prior to finals week.

Interactive Design:

At least 3 projects must be featured from this course prior to finals week.

DGT Project 3 (music, MM)

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You have been asked to redesign a music CD of your choice. You must include all information included on the original (barcode, logos, legal information, copyright information, song lyrics, special thanks, miscellaneous numerical data, etc.). If you don’t have the original you should look at another CD for these kinds of items.

Due to the extensiveness of this project we will have to move quickly. Choose your CD and complete the ‘Music Journal’ and ‘Music Collage’ below. A project schedule can be found below. More »

DGT Project 2 (senior show, MM)

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You have been asked by the ACU Art & Design department to conceptualize and design a series of at least 3 posters advertising senior art shows. These posters are expected to promote senior shows not only to Art & Design students but also the wider ACU community. In addition to designing a series of posters advertising a specific senior show you are required to design and utilize a visual language/system that can be applied to future senior shows. To illustrate your solution you are required to design one additional poster that reflects a different senior show. Esentially you will be developing a brand for A&D senior shows. The titles of the shows are up to you. You are welcome to use artwork from the Art & Design Flickr site. These posters must be illustrated in the environments you feel most appropriate (example 1, example 2, example 3). More »

DGT Tutorial 2 (Photoshop MM)

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Visit and read the section. Sketch and create at least 2 photo illustrations inspired by the site (or other topic of your choice. These illustrations must include the following:

  • 5”x8” (vertical or horizontal) @ 300dpi
  • duotone, tritone, or quadtone technique
  • blending of 3 or more images into a cohesive composition
  • one image must include multiple levels of transparency
  • one image must be cut out cleanly and placed convincingly into another environment
  • some form of texture blended within another image
  • artwork that is created by hand (drawing, painting, tea-stained paper, etc.)
  • personal photography
  • a found object
  • typography
  • drop shadow
  • some form of color alteration
  • Must produce at least 10 sketches

Final Deliverables

  • Illustrations must be printed

Due Date

  • Refer to Calendar

DGT Project 1 (grid, MM)

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Design 3 spreads of a brochure or annual report for the client or industry of your choice:

Client Examples:

  • Technology (example: cell phones, computers, software, medical)
  • Fashion & Decor (examples: clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, furniture & decor)
  • Travel (examples: hotels, cruises, airlines)
  • Education (university)


Your 3 spreads must include:

Primary Content
Primary content will serve to communicate the main theme or purpose of the piece or

Examples of Primary Content:

  • full bleed images
  • headlines and major section heads
  • subheads and sub-subheads
  • running text

Secondary Content
Material that supports or compliments primary content but in smaller skim-able chunks.

Example of Secondary Content:

  • pull quotes
  • inset images
  • image cutlines
  • diagrammatic material
  • decorative elements
  • page numbers
  • section or title labels
  • logos
NOTE: You must use a grid.


Choose Client (specific name not required)

Collect and Photocopy Inspiration

  • body text (5 examples)
  • display text; headlines, sub-heads and sub-sub-heads (5-10 examples)
  • grid structures (5-10 examples)
  • general visual language (5-10 examples)
  • color (5 examples)

Research & Collect Content (images and text for headlines and subheads)

Sketch (sketch in spreads)

  • 20 (composition and layout)
  • 10 (details)
  • 10 (half size sketches for critique)


  • 300 words response/reflection to project — we will do this at the end
  • 300 words defining “algorithmic system”


  • think of content in terms of algorithmic system (small number of repeatable parts utilized to communicate larger message)
  • think in terms of designing containers rather than content
  • think in terms of designing a cohesive visual language
  • think in terms of unity and variety in the context of multi-page layouts
  • increase sophistication in utilizing grid structure
  • increase sophistication in visualizing typographic hierarchy
  • increase color skills

Definition of Algorithm: a reduced procedure or sequence that is repeated to solve a problem.

Final Deliverables

  • PDF Proof (no crop marks & in spreads)
  • Hi-Res PDF (crop marks, in spreads, with bleeds)
  • Printed Color Comp (as if presenting to client)
  • Inspiration
  • Sketches
  • Writing

Due Dates

  • Refer to Calendar

DGT Tutorial 1 (MM)

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Design and print 3 spreads inspired by one of the publications we reviewed. You are allowed (and encouraged) to mimic the typographic hierarchy, image style and grid structure of the publication (it’s visual language). You are required to produce 15 sketches before beginning on the computer.


Artwork and Text Requirements

  • Inset photo within text or dropcap (at least once)
  • 1 story must be linked to a following page
  • Story columns must be linked
  • Must bleed (at least one page)
  • All colors used within the InDesign document must be from the Pantone Process color guide

Master Pages, Styles and Guide Requirements

  • Utilize document margins and columns
  • Use some guides on master pages
  • Utilize automatic page numbering
  • Place an object on every page using master pages
  • Must utilize type styles (for body copy, headlines, and subheads)

Final Art Requirements

  • All graphics and colors within document must be prepared for process color output
  • Must print and trim out comp

File Management

Pay close attention to file management. Ideally you will have the following folder and file structure:


Refer to Calendar


  • pdf proof file in spreads without cropmarks
  • medium resolution pdf file in spreads with bleeds and cropmarks
  • screenshot of file structure like above
  • Final comp that is printed and pasted together


DGT Tutorials & Projects (MM)

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General Links

Web Portfolio Requirement

Tutorial 1 (inDesign)

Project 1 (grid)

Tutorial 2 (Photoshop)

Project 2 (Senior Show Poster Series)

Project 3 (Music CD)

Project 4 (Information Graphic)

Old Project

Tutorials and Info-Graphic App

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 Final Info-graphics App:

  • Upload wireframes to blog
  • Upload to the blog all screens needed to communicate the concept of the app in a compelling manner


Grade will be based primarily on 3 parts:

  1. final look and feel of app (typography, color, visual language, etc.)
  2. conceptual interest and clarity of the app (How compelling is it? Would I be compelled to use it? Do I understand it? Is it funny and/or interesting?)
  3. usability of the interface (conceptual simplicity, ease of navigation, clarity, consistency, algorithmic thinking)

 NOTE: For it to be compelling it needs to be realistic in some way. I need to have the intuition that the app is possible. What makes the idea compelling is that you can show me something new about myself from information that I already know (who I have called, how many times I have texted, etc.). The reason I have put a lot of emphasis on the actual info graphics is because that is at the heart of what connects it to your user. Random generation and comparison of available data can sometimes result in humorous or even thought provoking insight. It’s your job to make me believe that is possible.