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Happy Birthday TypeFight!

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Sappi, Ideas That Matter: Competition

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This is a competition that offers grant money to proposals benefitting non-profits and charitable activities. It is open to students and student groups. Sappi is a well known paper manufacturer.

Adobe International Student Competition


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The Adobe Design Achievement Awards is a great annual student competition. Take a look at some of the previous years winners. Try to let them inspire you not discourage you.

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Student Graphic Design Competitions


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Here are a few institutions that host student design competitions.
CMYK is a great publication aimed specifically at students. It hosts a variety of competitions.

Print Magazine hosts a student cover design competition each year.

Communication Arts magazine has specific categories for students within Photography and Illustration but the design competition requires client based work.

How Magazine allows for student entries in all of its major competition categories.

DSVC Student Show & Conference


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DSVC is the Dallas Society of Visual Communications and has an annual student show and conference. This show also includes a student competition but the deadline was February 25th. You do not need to register for the conference to participate in the competition (the fee was $20). This year (2009) the conference will be on April 2-4. Registration deadline is March 27th. It’s well worth the trip.

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Design For A Cause

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Good50x70 organization that hosts design competitions. They call for works that communicate messages aimed at social justice issues.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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