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The Emotion of Design

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Great Ted talk by Donald Norman addressing the roll of emotion within design. Most fascinating to me is the research he brings in from cognitive science and psychology. In the past he has argued persuasively for functional design but here he relates function to beauty, fun and pleasure. Much of this talk comes from his book Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things.

Tablet Interface

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Many may have seen the Sport Illustrated Tablet demo. Here is another beautifully produced demo talking through interface approaches and philosophies for magazine layout.

Interactive Information Design

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Information design and interactive information design are said to be doing well in this economy. Here are a few links on the topic:
New York Times Article on Interactive News Team:
Dynamic Diagrams Blog; entry on New York Times team
Article on Khoi Vinh who is the Design Director of New York

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Interactive Design Readings

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Core Reading

Process, Design & Approach
These are sources that deal primarily with how to think about and approach interactive design.

On Grids


Production & Technical Skills

Our Tutorial Sites

NOTE: Don’t let the code scare you. We will take is slow and remember, I am not trying to make you programmers. I am just trying to give you enough knowledge to understand what your looking at and be able to take things apart and put things back together.

General Resources & Inspiration

Responsive Design

Fun Experimental Interaction Resources