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Happy Birthday TypeFight!

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“Pay What You Want” Fonts

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Lost Type is a nice source of pretty high quality fonts that allow you to choose your price. Enjoy!

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Free Fonts by Fabric

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A few new free fonts by Font Fabric.

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Behind the Scenes on a Logotype

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This is a nice peak into the process of designing a script logotype.

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Pretty Good Free Font List

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Here is a nice list of the best free fonts of 2009 put together by the web design blog WDL.

Typography Blog

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Type Theory: another typography blog. Looks like a good one. How magazine rated it in the top 10.

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Free Font Sources

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Here are some sources for quality free fonts.

  • Fountain
  • FontFont (essentially has a free font of the month)
  • Exljbris (whole host of nice free fonts including Museo)
  • Smashing Magazine (does a blog post on Free Fonts of the Month)
  • Misprintedtype (collection of grunge type)
  • Open Source Fonts (article by Ellen Lupton about “free” fonts with links to several)
  • dafont (LARGE collection of free fonts, need to sift through the bad stuff)

Type Designers & Foundries

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Collection of Small Foundries:

Type in Motion

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Type videos.

Blog post with 9 nice dynamic type pieces.

Ford F-15 Commercial: A more commercial application of the experiments above.

Super bad type video

spider type video, dynamic typography class at SCAD

Intimidated type video.

Student Video

Noisemaker Films

Nice documentary and blog post on the making of the ‘Six Feet Under’ title sequence. Link to Blog Post. Link to Documentary.

Stranger Than Fiction title sequence.

Great short film on Paul Rand from Imaginary Forces.

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Font Movies

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Some movies about type.

Funny short about Trajan being used as the only font on movie posters.

Funny video on character of fonts. Some language.

One By Ellen Lupton with basics of typography.

Great NPR style movie on letterpress printing.