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Tablet Interface

0 Commentsby   |  01.26.10  |  My Design Blog

Many may have seen the Sport Illustrated Tablet demo. Here is another beautifully produced demo talking through interface approaches and philosophies for magazine layout.

Pretty Good Free Font List

1 Commentby   |  12.08.09  |  My Design Blog

Here is a nice list of the best free fonts of 2009 put together by the web design blog WDL.

Grids For The Web

0 Commentsby   |  09.22.09  |  My Design Blog

Grids For The Web.

This is a nice series of articles on using grid systems for web design.

Branch Design

0 Commentsby   |  08.11.09  |  My Design Blog

Beautiful site and beautiful work.

Grids and Web Design

0 Commentsby   |  04.20.09  |  My Design Blog

Here is a great pdf created by the Design Director of the New York Times Online. It illustrates the importance of grids within the world of web design.

Download now or preview on posterous

grids_are_good.pdf (8549 KB)