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Hello world. This my website!

Hello world. This my website!

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While starting out it’s miles better pick the form of career you’d enjoy one or most which you experience you would be great at.

The greatest error you may make when creating an essay isn’t having an apparent thesis statement. Start your article using a catch making the reader need to carry on reading. Conclusion is the final region of the essay your reader may encounter. Whoever says your documents may pick on your own sense of self-confidence when composing them, as well as your essays may grow more convincing because of this. » Continue reading “While starting out it’s miles better pick the form of career you’d enjoy one or most which you experience you would be great at.”

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Great Blog on Book Design

This is a great blog that looks primarily at book design. For each book that they review the designer writes a bit about his design process.

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Importance of Story

Illustrates again the importance of story. Relates to podcast by editor of wired on econtalk. Design thinking blog:


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Sample Class Site

The following posts suggest how a WordPress class site and blog could serve a variety of uses in a typical class.

Chronology begins at the bottom. . .

Key Features of Class Sites (beta):

- students and faculty can check in on class on iPhone and at computer (currently Blackboard courses don’t allow mobile access)

- faculty can add announcements, assignments, or blog posts via email

- faculty can upload handouts, images, audio, and video via email

- student accounts can allow them to post text, links, images, audio, or video to blog as well (easy to turn on and off)

- blog comments can be turned on and off

- future posts can be set to appear during or after class

We’re confident our first round of users will find additional uses (and needs). Like Blackboard, the Course Site is simply a class communication tool. You decide how best to use it.

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Putting the Pieces Together

For those who find poetry, especially Old English poetry, something of a puzzle, this may help the pieces fall together.

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Trial Video (uploads now working)

Posterous says they have fixed video upload links. I’ll check when I get back to Abilene.

Click here to download:

HD_podcast_howto.m4v (3976 KB)

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Sutton Hoo artifacts

Here are just a couple of the objects from the British Museum we’ll be talking about in class next week. I look forward to reading the rest of your artifact posts.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Timeline Transcript

For those who weren’t able to open the Timeline 1 transcript, here is a PDF version. 

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Module 1 Checklist

The first week of any class can be disorienting, nonetheless a hybrid course. As you move through the assignments in Module 1, here is a quick checklist to keep you on track. Feel free to leave questions below if you’re not sure what’s next. 


Module Checklist

    - Review British Invasions timeline
    - Read Comitatus lecture
    - Post Beowulf Discussion assignment
    - Read/reply to posts from your Discussion Group

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